“Making God the Companion of Our Lives” by Swami Pavitrananda Giri

In this talk titled “Making God the Companion of Our Lives,” based on Yoganandaji’s How-to-Live teachings, YSS sannyasi Swami Pavitrananda Giri encourages us to develop such love for God that in our every thought He becomes our constant companion.

Swami Pavitrananda provides practical guidance and suggestions on how we can cultivate the habit of looking upon God as a friend both in our meditations and in all of our mundane activities — such as our work and personal chores, our daily commute, taking meals, and so on.

He also mentions one of the ways to bring God into our thoughts and into our lives, as shared by Yoganandaji: “When you mentally utter the word ‘God,’ and keep on repeating that thought within, it sets up a vibration that invokes the presence of God.” By cultivating the friendship of God, we receive an incomparable joy that can transform our lives, helping us navigate its varied challenges to become happy and successful.

We invite you to experience the wisdom shared during this special satsanga, originally live-streamed on the Online Dhyana Kendra in April 2023 and now available on the YSS website and YouTube channel.