Charitable Activities - YSS Noida Ashram

Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS) is a spiritual and a charitable organization. “To serve mankind as one’s larger Self” is one of the Aims and Ideals of YSS. In fact, our beloved Gurudeva, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, started his worldwide work with a small school for boys.

The charitable activities of YSS include: medical care, like hospitals, clinics, and medical camps; educational activities, like running  educational institutions, coaching centres, and scholarship schemes; help to orphanages and leprosy colonies; and providing emergency relief to those afflicted by natural and other disasters.

YSS Noida Ashram has been engaged in both charitable  activities and relief work over the last few years. Offering educational support and medical care at no  cost, the ashram runs a Free Coaching Centre and a Free Dispensary on its premises for the last few years. Hundreds of patients and young students from the nearby slum areas and Khoda village utilise the services of these charitable centres being run with the aid of volunteers — qualified and experienced doctors and teachers.

Medical Activities at YSS Noida Ashram

Although only partially built, the Noida Ashram had started its spiritual activities in 2010. A little later, the ashram was able to start its charitable work. A temporary structure with a few rooms was partially converted into a charitable clinic. The covered verandah was used as a waiting area for patients. Two rooms were modified into doctors’ chambers and for disbursing medicines. Allopathic doctors at the Free Dispensary now include General Practitioners, Gynecologists and Pediatricians. There is also a Homeopathic doctor. Most of them are devotees working on a voluntary basis. Consultations with doctors, medicines, and routine tests are totally free. Creating patient awareness about the importance of sanitation and hygiene to maintain good health form an integral part of the ashram's work. This includes creating awareness of and help in pursuing family planning measures. Chronic patients are helped on a long-term basis. Efforts are also made to assist patients with serious conditions by referring them to other suitable charitable organizations. The clinic is a boon for economically weaker sections of society, living in and around Sector 62, Noida and the neighbouring areas of Ghaziabad, like the Khoda village and the Khoda colony. On an average, about 30 patients visit the clinic every day. The clinic is open in the mornings on all weekdays.

Free Coaching Classes

Patients at the ashram’s Free Dispensary often complained about the poor teaching standards at local schools and the high cost of private tuition which made it unaffordable. On their request, the ashram started a charitable coaching centre.  Initially, the clinic’s verandah was used as a classroom in the afternoons. To start with, a few students from class ten were given coaching after school hours. Qualified devotees acted as volunteer teachers for all subjects. The Board results were satisfying and the ashram decided to expand its coaching activities.

Five years later, the ashram’s coaching centre had 57 students from classes nine to 12. Many have been with the coaching centre for two to three years; some are siblings of former or present students. All the available rooms at the free dispensary along with the verandah were converted into classrooms. Unfortunately, we were still short of space and had to put some applicants on the waiting list. 
Most school subjects are taught at the coaching centre. In addition, children receive coaching basic courses in Computers and Spoken English. Both these courses are popular with students who find them useful.  Coaching is totally free and career counseling is also provided. The 2018 Board results were encouraging. For example, four students of class X scored over 80 per cent marks, one reaching 87 per cent The ashram also helps deserving schools catering to the weaker sections of society. This includes Paramahansa Yogananda Swarn Bal Vatika, an informal coaching centre for children from very poor families, run by a devotee at her residence.