Gurgaon Kendra Organises Volunteers' Day Out: December 10, 2017

A long-felt need for a class for the guidance, orientation and effective functioning of volunteers was fulfilled when YSS Gurgaon Kendra organized a day-long programme for them at Mandi hills farm house in Delhi on December 10, 2017.  

Volunteers enjoyed a beautiful day of sadhana in the outdoors. Swami Lalitanandaji conducted morning exercises and Satsanga.

In an informal Satsanga with the volunteers, Swamiji shared the benefits of offering service to the Guru, delineating the qualities of an ideal volunteer. He elaborated the points which a volunteer has to keep in mind: gratefulness for the opportunity that has been given to serve the Guru, the proper attitude of humility and devotion that should be maintained, keeping the mind on God while discharging one’s duties, remaining in the present moment etc.

The farmhouse offered the volunteers a nature's retreat which was enriched with devotional bhajans. The programme included an informal interaction with Swamiji and fellow devotees. Many volunteers shared their motivational experiences while serving Guruji’s work and after coming on Yogoda path. Food and refreshments were arranged for the participating volunteers.

As a token of appreciation for serving Guruji’s work, Swamiji gave newly released CDs and 2018 YSS calendar to each volunteer. More than 50 volunteers attended this event.