Dec 28, 2012: YSS aids Noida jhuggi residents after fire

During the early hours of December 28, 2012, a fire broke out in small colony of Jhuggis (huts) in Sector-31 of Noida. The fire destroyed 31 huts alongwith all the meagre belongings of very poor people who lived in them. Fortunately no lives were lost.

As soon as YSS Noida Ashram heard of this tragedy, volunteers from the ashram contacted the affected families to find out what kind of help was most necessary for them. The families requested for a small gas stove with cylinder and few utensils in which to cook their food. Other organisations were providing them with rations and clothing. As per their request, each family received a small gas stove with a 5 Kg gas cylinder, a kadhai, one large thali, one steel glass & one katori. All the recipients expressed their gratitude for the timely help provided to them.